Vincy Davis

Research | Communications | Public Policy

Hi! I’m Vincy.

I believe in the transformative potential of education, dialogue, and deliberation.

I use my training in journalism, anthropology, and political science to tell stories about people, processes, and policies that shape lives.

Through my work, I aim to inform, empower, and help think through solutions to key social sector challenges. You can read my latest co-authored book about an education reform initiative in India here.

Currently, I am a faculty member at the Indian School of Public Policy where I head its unique Writing and Communication Lab.



Qualitative Research



Time-Use Study

Focus Group Discussion

Participant Observation

Systematic Literature Review


Writing & Editing

Public Speaking

Video Production

Communication Strategy

Social Media Management

Publication Layout & Design

Reports/Briefs/ Infographics

Learning & Development




Needs Assessment

Module Design & Development

Project Management

Team Building

Proposal Drafting

Resource Management

Monitoring & Evaluation

Stakeholder Management

Networking & Coalition Building

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Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan

Registered trade union of unorganised sector workers, based in Bihar, India. JJSS or JJA mobilises the rural poor to demand better services from the government and champions the cause of democratic rights. A steadfast source of inspiration for me since 2011. The union is sustained entirely by individual donations so please consider donating!

Rare Lives Podcast

Podcast dedicated to sharing expert insights and stories of people living with rare diseases by the indomitable Avantika Srivastava.

Victoria League Student House

VL Student House was my home away from home through 2020. Run by the charity, the Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship, this gem of a place offers subsidised accommodation to students from Commonwealth countries. Please consider making a small donation!


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